The style of van der Weyden is ideally suited to art print reproductions in that his colour schemes were varied and bold, nothing stale that would sink into your wall unnoticed. These were breathtaking pieces which fought against the very idea that elements of the Renaissance were too plain in relation to today's more expressive art movements. Of course, a true art historian will respect both approaches and also understand the importance of these early stages in moving towards what we have now but there can be no doubt that this artist was unique and bold, essentially ahead of his time.

The photograph captured in this page is of van der Weyden's The Descent from the Cross, which remains one of his most famous paintings. He produced many altarpieces and several notable triptychs which would be in line with the situation at that time right across Europe, where religious institutions were the main donors to artists and would require installed pieces for their decorative buildings. Beyond The Descent from the Cross, as pictured here, other popular choices for art print reproductions from Rogier van der Weyden's career include Portrait of a Lady, The Crucifixion Triptych, Bladelin Altarpiece and Virgin and Child.

Followers of Christianity are blessed with how so many significant artists have covered key themes from their religion on many occassions, which reflects the prominent role that it has played in society across many countries over the past few centuries. The Renaissance itself was linked to Religion very strongly, with many of the finest works from this period being inspired by the life of Jesus Christ or other elements of the New and Old Testaments. That said, many of these Renaissance paintings were so large in scale that a small art print reproduction for your home would simply lose most of the brilliance of the original. One might, therefore, choose a detailed cropped element of one of these altarpieces or choose one of the other formats, perhaps a single half-length portrait.